Are you ready to receive a quality education at a fraction of the cost of four-year colleges? Many of our professors at Reynolds also teach at four-year universities like Virginia Commonwealth, University of Richmond, and private online colleges.

What type of transfer student are you?

I’m interested in saving more than $20,000 by starting at Reynolds in a transfer program and completing my associate degree before transferring to a four-year school.

If you want to get started at Reynolds, and complete two years of your program and then transfer to another college or university, 查看我们的 Guaranteed Transfer 通路.

I know Reynolds is the largest feeder of students to VCU, and prepares them for future success as a Ram. I want to get my start at Reynolds before transferring to VCU.

Arts and 人文学科 Transfer to VCU

的 Mellon Pathways Program offers support and resources to students who are completing an Associate's degree at Reynolds and plan to transfer to VCU to complete their Bachelor's degree in the Arts & 人文学科. 保罗•威廉姆斯, Mellon Grant Transfer Coach, is available to meet with students to discuss the benefits of the Mellon Pathways Program. 先生联系. 威廉姆斯在

STEM Transfer to VCU

干细胞转换 offers resources and support for students at Reynolds Community College who plan to transfer to VCU to complete their bachelor's degree in a math or science discipline. 伊丽莎白见鬼, VCU STEM Transfer Coordinator, is available to meet with students to discuss options and create a plan for a successful transition to VCU. 请发邮件给. 见鬼, to schedule a virtual appointment.

I’d like to take some typically harder classes at Reynolds, when I’m home from college, to allow me to focus on these subjects and keep my GPA strong - then transfer these classes back to my home institution.

If you are already a student at another college, and looking to take some classes at Reynolds to transfer back to your home institution, 去我们的 Visiting Transfer Student 页面 for next steps.

I would like to transfer credits from another college or university and graduate from Reynolds.

If you intend to graduate from Reynolds Community College, please send official transcripts from your previous institutions to the 注册商's Office,, 804-523-5030. Classes that match will be applied to your degree or certificate program.

If you have not chosen a program, you must do so for credit to be applied. To declare a program, contact 建议 Services at 523-5359 for assistance or meet with an 顾问.

我不确定. And I’d like to speak with a transfer 顾问 to learn what path is best for me.

Call or email to set up an appointment so we can help you get on the path that is best for you. 

你知道吗?? You may be eligible for the College Transfer Grant!

Students interested in transferring to a four-year institution to complete a bachelor's degree may be eligible for the College Transfer Grant upon transferring. For more information about the transfer grant and the application, go to the Virginia Wizard Transfer Grant 页面.