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尊重自己对教育或家庭成员的承诺, friend, 或者是对你的生活产生影响的人. Creating a scholarship is powerful philanthropy for individuals and organizations alike. 一项冠名奖学金由2美元设立,500美元的捐款给海洋之神590线路检测中心社区学院教育基金会. We'll work with you to determine the criteria for eligibility and amount of the award.

海洋之神590线路检测中心大学,奖学金援助的影响力非常大. Students who receive this financial help are twice as likely to graduate as their peers who do not. 请联系萨拉·希金斯,电话:804-523-5810或  f或更多信息.

*同学们,请浏览到 支付大学学费 申请奖学金.


A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is an account that may be established directly with a sponsoring non-profit organization, 社区基金会, 或者金融机构. A donor advised fund itself is designated as a 501(c)(3) public charity. 你对基金的捐款是免税的. You can recommend how much and how often you want to distribute money from that fund to the 海洋之神590线路检测中心社区学院 教育基金会. Your financial/ legal advisor can provide more information on giving through a DAF. Or, you may wish to contact the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond at 804-330-7400 to learn more. 如有任何关于捐赠给教育基金会的问题, 您可以拨打804-523-5181或给我们发电子邮件 anytime.


If you are 70 or older you may also be interested in a way to lower the income and taxes from your IRA withdrawals. Through an IRA charitable rollover, you can support Reynolds and benefit through your giving. Learn more here 通过和你的税务顾问的谈话.


Planning giving provides flexible options to let you decide now on the terms of a future gift, such as a charitable gift annuity or simply naming Reynolds in your will. All gifts go to the 海洋之神590线路检测中心社区学院教育基金会有限公司.该公司是一家501(c)(3)组织. 探索你的捐赠计划 options 并与我们联系洽谈.


Your unrestricted gift enables Reynolds to fund programs and services of the highest priority. From new programs to the latest technologies to emergency assistance funds for students, 对 海洋之神590线路检测中心基金 广泛支持我们的学生和大学项目. 带着受限的礼物, you may choose to support one of our campaign initiatives or a specific program or project that matters to you.

您的无限制或限制捐赠可予年度基金 海洋之神590线路检测中心基金 或作为巨额捐献. 大额捐赠通常是现金或其他资产的大额捐赠, often with installments paid across as many as five years and can be made for a number of purposes.


Gifts to J. 海洋之神590线路检测中心警长的捐赠基金为海洋之神590线路检测中心家族提供了资金, 它的未来所依赖的财政基础. The Reynolds' endowment grows through prudent investment to meet current and future needs, and the annual payout the endowment generates is used to support institutional goals and priorities.

Donors may elect to designate their gift to building the Reynolds' endowment or they may established a personal endowment fund for a specific purpose*. Donors who create personal endowments often do so to honor or commemorate a friend, family member, 或者最喜欢的教授. 这些个人捐赠基金支持学术项目, faculty chairs, 或者捐赠人感兴趣的其他项目.

Corporations and organizations may create an endowment to solidify the excellence and persistence of a program of study that relates to their business or charitable interests.

不管是什么目的, supporting the college's endowment gives you the satisfaction of knowing that your gift will benefit students and the Richmond community for many generations.

*Endowments at Reynolds can be established with a minimum gift of $50,000. For information about Foundation endowments, contact the Foundation staff. 


Cash Gifts
Gifts of cash usually come in the form of a check or credit card payment.

Donors may also choose to make a pledge through a formal declaration of intent to give. Some fulfill their pledges immediately, while others spread out their gift over several years.

长期增值证券的礼物有两个主要好处. It provides the donor with an immediate income tax deduction and eliminates capital gains taxes to the extent allowed by tax law. Typically, donors have stock transferred from their brokerage account to the account the Foundation holds with Davenport. 该基金会还将收到股票证书.

Real Estate
You may gift a residence-and continue to live there as long as you want-or other real property to Reynolds and receive tax benefits allowable by law.

Valuable artwork or other tangible personal property is a way to make a gift. 对于这些类型的礼物, the donor obtains an appraisal in order to take advantage of allowable tax deductions.

Planned Giving
有计划的礼物是一个很好的方式来最大化你的礼物. The simplest and most common form of a planned gift is designating the college in one's will for a specific sum or percentage of the estate.


用慈善礼物年金, you make a contribution of cash or appreciated securities in return for a fixed annual income backed by the assets of the college. In return for your gift, Reynolds will pay income to you, and/or another person you choose, for life. Part of the income is treated as return of principal every year and is tax-free. In addition, you receive a sizeable charitable income tax deduction in the year in which the gift annuity is established, 可以再延续五年吗, if necessary. 在年金领取者和任何其他收入受益人死亡时, 这些资产由学院按照您的要求使用.

Life Insurance
Naming Reynolds as a beneficiary of a term life insurance policy will provide a gift at your death. 送一份有现金价值的保单是一份即时的礼物.

There may be estate tax advantages to designating the college as a beneficiary of the remainder of one's retirement plan.

Your contribution to the Foundation can be augmented through your company's matching gift program. 通过给员工配礼物, businesses ensure that their charitable resources support causes that are close to the hearts of their employees and their community. Contact your company's human resources office to see if your company offers a corporate matching gift program.