Students at Reynolds can get involved with two mentoring programs to help them with the transition to college, learn about campus resources, learn leadership skills, and meet other students. Students are matched with a staff or faculty member from Reynolds who will meet with them on a regular basis to guide them through the academic year.

Students meet with mentors twice a month and attend 5 leadership/group seminars a semester. Mentors and mentees can discuss a variety of topics: events of the day, academics, where to get help with classes, personal challenges and successes. Group seminars are safe spaces for students of each mentor program to talk about issues and events of their choice. Leadership seminars are also provided for students to learn valuable leadership skills such as communication strategies, conflict mediation, strengths development, dining etiquette, resume building, interview techniques and more.

Reynolds has two mentor programs

REAL Men: Resilient, Educated, African-American Leaders WISE: Women in Search of Excellence

Reynolds Faculty/Staff - Mentor opportunities

The Reynolds Mentor programs are looking for dedicated Reynolds staff or faculty members to be mentors. The time commitment is to meet with students at least two times a month for 30 minutes and to send texts or emails throughout the semester. Depending on work schedules, mentors are encouraged to attend the group and leadership seminars with the mentor. Please complete the appropriate interest form.

REAL Men Faculty and Staff Mentor Interest Form WISE Faculty and Staff Mentor Interest Form


Please e-mail or call 804-523-5005 with any questions.

  • Mr. Marlon Johnson, REAL Men Coordinators
  • Ms. Robin Beale, WISE Coordinator
  • Dean Bernadette Battle, Interim Dean of Students