Select the type of student you are for admission information.

I am a current student.
Students who have been enrolled at Reynolds during the past three years.

I am a new curricular student.
Students working toward an associate degree, Certificate, or Career Studies Certificate are considered curricular students.

I am a new non-curricular student.
Students who have not chosen a specific curriculum and/or do not plan to complete a degree or certificate program are considered non-curricular students.

I am a transfer student.
Students who want to transfer credit from another higher education institution toward an academic program at Reynolds are considered transfer students.

I am a high school student.
Reynolds offers programs for high school students to take college classes concurrently with their high school requirements. "Dual Enrollment" students take Reynolds classes, typically at their own high school, and receive "dual" credit - towards college as well as high school. Concurrent Enrollment high school students take classes at Reynolds and receive only college credit. Learn more about additional requirements for home-schooled students

I am an international student.
Students attending Reynolds under a student visa status.

I am a non-high school graduate
Students seeking admission to one of Reynolds' curricular programs who are over 18 years of age and lack a high school diploma or the recognized equivalent (Certificate of General Educational Development or Home school Completion Certificate) have special admissions requirements.

I am a veteran.
Have you served in the military? Be sure to take advantage of the services available to you. It is helpful to meet with and advisor in the Office of Military Services to review specific admissions requirements.

I am a senior citizen.
Eligible senior citizens may be able to register for classes at no cost. Learn more about eligibility requirements.